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Last week I was on a steamy date with a super sweet guy.We were snuggled in at the bar of a crowded restaurant and halfway through a heated discussion about the quality of the post-trilogy Indiana Jones mini series “The Young Indiana Jones” when a cute couple walked by.The 49-year-old Beaverton divorcee was impressed when she met a 69-year-old Southeast Portland man on the Internet dating website e Harmony. They had a lot in common, including that she was a dental hygienist and he was a retired dentist. After enduring repeated painful outbreaks of the disease and spiraling into clinical depression, she filed a lawsuit.

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Did he truly not know that he was contagious even when he wasn't experiencing lesions?And how much should a person be compensated for a disease, albeit incurable, that affects roughly 1 in 6 adults? Or maybe you've been here for years, perhaps, unlikely as it is, since you were born. Or try one of the many other, less trafficked hikes in the Columbia Gorge. End up composting most of it at the end of the week. You're a cyclist now, and legally, that whole lane is yours. But you still haven't explored everything there is to do in town. You've toured every brewery, so you can totally make your own suds at home, right? During a dinner party at your new high-rise apartment. The jury deliberated for two hours before reaching a verdict: The man was 75 percent negligent, while the woman carried 25 percent of the blame.

Two jurors, however, dissented, believing the man was entirely at fault.

Because you have to have a few kid-friendly destinations.

Expect plenty of self-deprecation and pointed political humor. Which coffee shop do you smugly prefer to the rest?

This seemed to bring out a flood of inner fears and insecurities about dating in a small city, and these feelings are legitimate, but worth getting past.

As anyone who has lived in a large city before moving to Portland knows, there is an anonymity to dating that allows you to go on dozens of first dates in a week, date more than one person at a time, or abruptly end a relationship. I have (after many years of complaining about these things) learned to embrace the quirks of dating in the awkwardness that is our little city.

Jurors also found that the retired dentist committed battery by intentionally engaging in an activity that harmed the woman.