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You might need some experience with Cacti to pull these off.

In this tutorial, we will see how we can merge two Cacti graphs into one. Client-A has been connected to port 5 of switch-A for the last six months.

For this tutorial I'm going to assume you understand how to get RRDTool installed and working from the command line.

Upon first login, you will be force to change the default password.

Table of content: 0) Preparing System (hardware/software)1) OS configuration 2) Cacti Install 3) Cacti Optimize (make more fast) 4) Cacti Customize (change how will look) 5) Plugins 6) Cacti FAQ (errors appeared in working process) 7) Results 8) Tools used another nice instruction

Setup and introduction You need to have PHP compiled with RRDTool support to run the following PHP examples.

If you compile PHP by hand then see: how to build the php rrdtool extension by hand.

Example: Monthly (5 minute poll, 2hr avg) = 24*775*5*60 sec = 5580000 sec = 5580000 / 86400 = 64.5 days.

Working with big systems does not seem to fit using cacti.

f=6&t=48159 Will be needed some decent hardware (CPU, RAM, HDD) and recent software.

Hardware: Basic info to know: a) Cacti Manual 0.8.8 b) RRDTool Basic Information c) RRDTool Advanced Graphing (cool stuff) d) Structure and RRA definition sample with 5 min polling (70 days no avg, 3 years averaged): stats# cd /usr/ports/net-mgmt/cacti/ stats# make config-recursive install clean 1) mysql stats# mysqladmin --user=root -p create cacti Enter password: stats# mysql --user=root -p Enter password: mysql stats# locate spine | grep descr /usr/ports/net-mgmt/cacti-spine/pkg-descr stats# cat /usr/ports/net-mgmt/cacti-spine/Makefile | grep "PORTVERSION=" PORTVERSION= 0.8.8 stats# cd /usr/ports/net-mgmt/cacti-spine/ ; make install clean ... t=11747 Alright, so you've gotten Cacti installed and you've got a problem.

A few years ago when I started using cacti I started wondering how to make the graphs myself.

Creating the graphs on the command line isn't that hard once you know how to set things up and it turns out doing the same in PHP is just as easy.

Tons of issues was thrown down to me before I figure things out on the cacti server.