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The pedestrian wearing a brown headscarf and grey coat was pictured holding one hand to her head while walking past a victim being treated on the pavement.She was criticised by one social media user for allegedly appearing indifferent to Wednesday's attack that brought terror to London – but others leapt to her defence.Last week, popular Youtuber and Nasheed artist Khaled Siddique released a video about Muslim Youtubers.

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So the spiritual master raised his hands and replied, “O Allah, the way these youth are happy in dunya, make them happy in the hereafter.” Over the past few years, a huge market has emerged for Muslim Youtubers and entertainers.

Fuelled by a new generation of young Muslims who are desperately seeking halal content in a world that seems to offer nothing of the sort, coupled with the dearth of Muslim role models in the public eye, young Muslims are flocking towards anyone online who possesses some creativity, humour, has a decent camera and looks well polished.

The woman who was wearing a niqab posted the video of the incident on You Tube, writing in a caption below the video: "As I entered, this guy who I've seen around the area decided to call me ' batman' he even sang the theme tune to his little girls and told them to guess if I'm a man or a women.

"He told his girls that people like me don't speak English.

Detective Inspector Tim Mc Dermott, from Blackburn CID, said: ‘This incident has understandably been very distressing for the family involved.

‘The motive of the man remains unclear and so we need to speak to him urgently to understand what happened.One named Vicky Forster told him: 'You are a complete embarrassing mess of a person. Stupidity embodied.'And Lisa Scott defended the woman, adding: 'She looks terrified.Which she would be, most likely being British and bang in the middle of a terror attack.' And a user called Kelly Blackwell‏ tweeted: 'You have no idea what is happening in this picture and deciding to make your own context #banracists #banrednecks.' Other social media users pointed out that there is little context to the picture, while some suggested she could have been calling her family to say she was safe.It’s an exciting and interesting time, but also a time that is deeply worrying.Whether they’re twerking in front of camera (yes, Muslim Youtubers literally twerking – and before you question whether it’s a men or women doing it, does that even matter?In response to her accusation of ignorance, the man shouts: "My kids can't even see your face, who the f*** are you? This is a Christian country." At one point, the man apologises for calling her "Batman" but tempers flare again when she says: "Don't tell me to shut up." Two bystanders intervene to try to calm the situation, but the man proceeds to threaten them, saying "I'm going to knock you out".