Married gamer dating

It just seems like when we're in bed, you're playing games on the i Phone a lot." I realized something.

"Before we were married, we never used to watch so much TV." We both agreed, talked some more and made a pact: Time to power off Time Warner Cable together.

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Japanese computer gamers are known for taking an obsessive approach to their hobby, and Love Plus is the latest game to develop a cult following.

Players are expected to spend hours with their virtual crushes – buying them flowers, taking them for dates and making future plans.

Fair enough there is chat without the cam functions but the main thing with these sites is everyone there is looking to hook up so you get to see them in real life as apposed to looking through a screen at someone who only wants to talk about the weather.

if they are not what your looking for when you meet then you wal away....

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I'm not an obsessive gamer, but I am a life long gamer, and my wife has always understood this and accepted it. One night, I was in bed playing "Toy Defense" on my i Phone. Zombies," "Red Dead Revolver," and "Zombie Apocalypse." But maybe I was wrong.

She rolled over from her side of the bed and asked me, "Are you bored? The first rule of being a good husband is to always admit you "I'm not bored, let's talk about this.

Do you feel slightly neglected and irritated with his games?

Have you ever had fantasies of throwing his video game console/computer/cellphone/whatever through the window of a moving car traveling over a bridge?

I still feel it necessary to raise awareness and if I have to throw myself under the bus to do that, find me the nearest bus. to all the “Girlfriends” out there that think that once they get married to their “gamer” and have children, that video games will become obsolete…. Yes, they may slow down a little to spend time with the kids… IN FACT, once you have Children you will spend a lot of the acceptable time during the day with the television turned to cartoons with ridiculously catchy songs that you will find yourself singing in the shower… Either way, if you have received any of those responses (or no response at all).