Ms abigails guide to dating mating and marriage

Miss Abigail has a collection of over 1,000 classic advice books, spanning from 1822 to 1978 and covering a variety of topics, from love and romance to etiquette and charm.

The collection sparked the idea for this site, then a book, Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage, which has inspired an Off-Broadway production of the same name! Guests who come by automobile, especially to a house in the country, often need detailed information such as, “Turn right at the red barn, and left at the white church.” It is surprising how few hostesses are able to provide accurate instructions of this kind.

Does your husband love to see things in order, then be careful and keep the house in good shape.Does he love a good dinner, then study your cook book and study his tastes.The anonymous author (who suggests that if you really must find out who [she or he] is, you can contact the publisher) has “read a large number of works each containing something valuable, some containing much that is untrue, others much that has no bearing on the subject…” to cull “a large amount of valuable information.” Hmm ~ sounds a bit like yours truly! The book actually has directions for its use, which I must share with you some other time, as it is quite handy.But in the meantime, since folks always seem to enjoy those quaint looks back at how men and women should act in marriage, here’s something from a section called “A Helpmeet”: Woman has a power over man stronger than she may dream if she only knows his peculiarities and adapts her conduct to them.If you are a hazy-minded girl, and if your house is hard to find, get your father or your brother, or someone who is clear on the subject, to draw a map or write out the directions for you.

Provided it is made accurately, a map is an extremely convenient thing to have.

(Years later, she attended California State University in Northridge, California, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater.).

She was replaced in the show by Geri Reischl (who unfortunately earned the nickname "the fake Jan Brady"). That same year, Plumb chose to play against type when she took the role of a young prostitute in the made-for-TV movie Plumb married lighting technician Rick Mansfield in 1979. In 1995, she married computer analyst Kenneth Pace.

The show ran for five years, after which Plumb landed roles in numerous made-for-TV movies. Plumb married twice and is a talented realistic painter.

Eve Aline Plumb was born in Burbank, California, on April 29, 1958. Eve Plumb began her acting career in television at the age of 6, appearing in toy commercials for Mattel.

I recently (re)found in my piles of smaller thinner books the pamphlet that this came from, and thought it would be fun to share another excerpt.