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This is part three of a series on true stories of some Somalis in America and their relationships.

The series is part of a book the writer is finishing titled, “Courtship and Marriage: The Somali Experience in America.” The author has interviewed three dozen people whose names and locations have been changed for privacy reasons. * * * Romance ruined by a clash of clans Six years ago, I was checking a Somali dating site and stumbled on an interesting profile of a Somali woman. Her reply was swift and stern: “How did you get my contact information? Apparently, she thought she had deleted her account with the website.

The woman — I’ll call her “Hufan” — wanted to know my clan. Besides, many people know who the Tunni are.” Moreover, I asked her why my clan had to define me as a man. Then, one day, we ran into each other at an ethnic grocery shop. Hufan was gracious; she greeted us warmly and talked to my daughter teasingly. “Actually, I am getting married this spring to a man from Ghana.” “What is his clan? On the one hand, I was glad Hufan was finally getting married. I was acting like a jilted Somali man dumped in favor of a Ghanaian.

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