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I'm having trouble updating my satnav for the first time.I've been onto clicked download and clicked on 'driver for RAC410' and saved it to My Documents. ) called ole2and when I click to open that it comes up with an empty View Picture screen and I can't get any further.I've e-mailed the support line but have had no useful help, mainly because I don't think English is the person's first language! Double-clicking the downloaded file only installs the driver, so that your computer will recognise your satnav when you connect it (via USB).

This process is painless, straightforward and the cheapest solution.

We only sell the latest maps that are available (Garmin update these every 3 to 4 months) and a map card can be purchased from here Ireland & UK SD card If your sat-nav has a 'LM' designation, for example, the nuvi 2415LM or nuvi 2597LM then your device comes with free lifetime map updates.

You connect your sat-nav to your PC or Mac using the USB cable that came in the box.

If you have lost your USB cable you can get a replacement. Within Garmin Express, selecting 'Install All' under the 'Updates' tab is the safest option.

The nuvi Cam LMT-D is a 6-inch sat-nav combined with a built-in camera.

Drivers and cyclists have increasingly been feeling the need to retain a record of their journeys for protection, so have been keeping cameras in their vehicles or on them.Doing this is easy - if you are unhappy with any aspect of our products or service, please contact us and tell us what the problem is. In the middle of May 2014 I purchased a brand new Nissan Qashqai and initially we were very pleased.If you've got two minutes spare, please help us stop this happening in future.Did you click a link in a Money Saving Expert guide, news story, blog or deal and end up here?The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requires us to publish regulated complaints data for RAC Motoring Services, RAC Financial Services Limited and RAC Insurance Limited.