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And to her, Mom and Dad, they're always going to be together.So in this life and the next, they're a couple and a team.

, the 18-year-old has addressed wild claims Terri Irwin is secretly dating Aussie actor Russell Crowe.

Setting the record straight for once and for all, the Wildlife Warrior explained that despite the romance rumours surrounding the pair, Rusty is just a good family friend."There's lots of crazy rumours. For sure,"The star went on to reveal Terri is still too connected to her late husband, Steve Irwin. And I think that no matter what, mum always says that they'll always be married," she told the panel.

“So many people would flip but if the couple at some point announced they were engaged I’d be happy,” tweeted one fan. On Tuesday, Russell Crowe’s rep said “no comment” when asked whether the 53-year-old actor was tying the knot.

Bindi Irwin is setting the record straight on her mom Terri’s love life!

So I think that's really important.” Last year, Terri revealed that she hasn’t been dating, telling Women’s Weekly, "I haven’t been on a single date since Steve died.” Bindi went on to emphasize that things are platonic between her mom and the Oscar-winning actor.

Russell Crowe was among the Australian dignitaries paying tribute to “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin after he died in a freak incident in 2006, stung by the barb of a stingray while filming in the Great Barrier Reef.

You know we do love Russell, but mum and Russell aren't actually in love," she told the show. He was a dear friend of dad's - now a dear friend of ours. "And to her, mum and dad, they're always going to be together.

So in this life and the next, they're a couple and a team. And I've got great kids, I've got a very full life, and while I'm lonely for Steve, I'm not a lonely person," the 52-year-old confessed.

The report also adds that Russell Crowe is still legally wed to Danielle Spencer, who’s the mother of his two sons, Charles, 12, and Tennyson, 9.

The two have been separated for a while, but the divorce isn’t final.

The pair are reportedly set to go public with their romance because Terri, who also is the mother of “Dancing With the Stars” Season 21 winner Bindi Irwin, “doesn’t want to hide it any longer.” In addition, Russell and Terri are planning a “small, intimate ceremony in late 2018.” A source close to Terri, 52, reportedly told the magazine: “You can totally tell they’re into each other and have been for a very long time.” The source also noted that Crowe’s been “in a lot of pain” since the breakup of his marriage to Danielle Spencer.