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On a side note; I've only used the You Tube API once myself, but seen as you said you need to check if a user has subscribed to another user, maybe you could try looking into the activity feed API?

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By channel ID: If your channel is newer and does not have one of the friendly URLs yet, you may be able to find your statistics page via your channel ID.If you currently access your channel using, first grab the part that appears after /channel/, then remove the prefixed "UC", and put that into the channel search box at the top of the website. But when someone subscribe , it doesnt update instantly after refresh.But the strange thing is , it updates when i press f5(refresh) two times at once.If the user subscribed do this , if didn't do something else. However, this delay may be longer under heavy API server loads.

On an ongoing basis, statistics for a video are typically updated every 30 minutes to two hours.Don't know what is the problem, may be some cache prob?I am working on a script where i need to check if someone subscribed or not intantly. Statistics, such as the number of times a video has been viewed or the number of comments available for a video, are typically updated within 30 minutes to two hours after the upload completes.You Tube has implemented several updates recently that may make it difficult to find your channel's statistics page.While we plan to make it easier to find your channel in the very near future, here are your current options: By custom URL: If you have one of the older-style custom URLs, and your channel is accessible via, you can simply enter in the part that appears after /user/ (formerly referred to as your "username").However, updates may occur less frequently under heavy server loads or for videos that are viewed very infrequently.