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We all know that everyone will mostly pick the 'Sixth Man' so besides him, who is favorite!My favorite is either Kise or Murasakibara, both have great personalities but in the end, my vote goes to.... thanks a lot to Midorima, i've fell for Hyuuga and Imayoshi too (meganes lol)At the moment I can't choose between Aomine and Midorima! Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Original 12″ Version) 2. Gonzalez – Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet (Original 12″ Version) 9. – Feel What You Want (Our Tribe Vocal 12” Mix) 07. Change – You Are My Melody (Original 12″ Version) 3.

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Gino Soccio – Dancer (Original 12″ Version) 8.29 7. Telex – Moskow Diskow (French 12″Version) Grand 12 Inches – II – 2 1. Farley Jackmaster Funk – Love Can’t Turn Around Suite (Special Ben Liebrand Edit) Grand 12 Inches – IV – 2 1.

Patrick Cowley – Menergy (Original 12″ Version) 6. Dan Hartman – Vertigo / Relight My Fire (Full Length Version) 8. American Gypsy – I’m Ok, You’re Ok (12″ Version) 10. Santa Esmeralda – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (Full Length Version) Grand 12 Inches – II – 4 1. Fox The Fox – Precious Little Diamond (Original Ben Liebrand 12″ Version) 6. Michael Jackson – Billy Jean (Original 12″ Version) 2. A Taste Of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie (Original 12″ Version) 4. Billy Ocean – Stay The Night (Original 12″ Version) 10.

The famous biologist and naturalist would do this by establishing huge biodiversity parks to protect, restore and connect habitats at a continental scale.

Local people would be integrated into these parks as environmental educators, managers and rangers – a model drawn from existing large-scale conservation projects such as Area de Conservación Guanacaste (ACG) in northwestern Costa Rica.

Also I was once home schooled in a way that the teacher came some hours to my house. I've studied for years, Japanese(Note: Will never learn how to write fluent with Japanese letters) and Italian.

I think if you count all the days I was away it would be a year. I speak English, Finnish, Swedish, Japanese and Italian(Italian is now rusty). SHHH I'm in the closet.) I love Airsoft, football(no not american, should I start saying soccer), martial arts etc.

Feel free to join Jc P4bx Very organized.

And I watched and read also when I was in school when I had free time.

And yet a single beluga managed to make his voice go global again, and in the only medium left him: the worldwide web.

The extraordinary history of Noc (pronounced no-see) resurrects a captive who somehow has found a way to speak to us, both literally and figuratively, of the true nature of his kind.

mine would definitely be Aomine c: Aomine is a really deep character and I loved his change throughout the manga, plus he's badass and unwillingly has quite the sense of humour 8D but everyone of the Mira Gen is fabulous Mine is Kise. As ahin said, he probably had the most development in the manga out of the five Kiseki no Shidai. Chara development~Chara development~ But I have to give it to both Midorima and Kise that they also have had some change in character ^^ Buuuut I really love all the Go M~ More or less XDAomine, definitely ♥ He's such a complex character... Aomine is just to be honest so fucking cool and I was completely stunned by how awesome he is at basketball.