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Besides the chance of destroying the marriage if discovered, what happens if one of the partners falls in love with the other one, a not uncommon scenario? By its very nature, you wouldn't be very likely to learn about an affair that remained secret and ended happily, would you? I came close to putting bullets in that low life..probably would have had I not had a 2 and 4 year old to raise. Karma has been mentioned many times in this thread.

Heartbreak and riding an emotional rollercoaster is not worth going through just for a few thrills. She is married to someone I have known a long, long time and it has improved my relationship with this guy 100%..... I largely regret it, not because of the issue of "getting caught" or not (I did with one, didn't with another), but because of the broken hearts involved. So there's no real way to know if what you're saying is true or not. He managed to outdrive me that day and he was in a beat up old truck, I was in a mustang! Karma came through for me and she ended up with nothing. I did pack all her crap and chunked in the front yard for her being the nice guy that I am. I'm just wondering, for all the people who believe in karma, do you think that the spouse who gets cheated on must've done something wrong in the past and now karma is causing them to get cheated on?

Spend a little time looking for a partner and get days of enjoyment in return.

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Studies have shown that a cheater leaving their spouse and then marrying their lover is usually a failure, with a very high divorce rate is such marriages. And in turn she cheated on the same guy not long after she moved in with him. How do you explain when bad things happen to good people?

Not worth it folks, fidelity and monogamy still works. Karma has been mentioned many times in this thread.

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. A man around here was under suspicion that his wife was cheating on him.

Families that were happily married for years can suddenly realize that they cannot wind up looking at their lawful partner.

If you notice the same thing, switch to something really hot!Ever since human beings came down from the trees and decided that two-person monogamous sexual relationships were a good foundation for society, people have stepped out on those two-person monogamous relationships.Cheating is an old sin, but it adapts well to new mediums.So they turn to OK Cupid, and unsuspecting users who are actually looking for real dates with available people are subjected to two-timing requests and entire profiles dedicated to philandering: While I'm sympathetic to unhappy marriages, the remedy for that is divorce, which is now legal in all 50 states.Or, if you don't want to get a divorce, have a conversation about opening up the marriage.Mature Dating was specially designed for mature people who don't want to spend their best days alone, waiting for some kind of miracle to finally happen.