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Gay men are much more likely to contract HIV than the general population, according to Wang Xiaodong, the founder of Chengdu Tongle, a nonprofit dedicated to HIV prevention in China.

“For the general population, the HIV rate might be .01 percent. But for the gay community, the HIV positive rate might be as high as 10 percent. “Also without any protection, gay sex is much more likely to transmit HIV than straight sex.” Not enough people are using condoms in the gay community, said Dr.

The elaborate regulatory framework serves, however, as a statement of policy, a justification for monitoring and surveillance, a set of guidelines for what constitutes "illegal" activity, and a deterrent to Internet users.

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Outside through an open iron gate sit the men, talking loud into their cell phones, reading the paper, chatting about business good naturedly or just staring off into space. Ming Ming glimpses the extremely pointy and thin heels that are very popular these days with young Chinese women along with dirty white sneakers most likely belonging to a student.

As the Internet industry continues to expand in China, the government continues to tighten controls on on-line expression.

As recently as July 11, 2001, President Jiang Zemin condemned the spread of "pernicious information" on the Net and called existing legislation "inadequate." Since 1995, when Chinese authorities began permitting commercial Internet accounts, at least sixty sets of regulations have been issued aimed at controlling Internet content.

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