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I have yet to meet a woman who can’t recall for you, in minute detail, how her first love evolved, blossomed and eventually went up in flames. You read about first loves reuniting a lot these days thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, but I am willing to bet that the women will spin tales about how they never got over the guy and how their subsequent loves and even about marriages that never held a candle to the first love. Men ground themselves in now, which is why a woman’s obsession with past, or future, perplexes and/or irritates them. I sauntered into a swanky downtown Chicago restaurant with a divorced female friend.”Never one to pass up a good line, I said, “Six feet under.” That resulted in a jaw dropping, confused, uncomfortable, pitiful facial expression, as he stammered, “I’m so sorry.” I blurted out, “But I didn’t kill him! ” My response without missing a beat, “Twenty-four hours.” That interchange was my initiation into the “Planet Single Bar Hopping Phase.” I later entered the “Planet Single Dating Phase.” Here are 10 tips to understanding the differences in dating widows vs divorcees:1) Divorcees didn’t have a happy marriage otherwise they’d still be married.

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I would really appreciate some honest insight and [email protected] would someone be intimidated by a previous relationship of a widow/er? my only guess would be that they have some insecurities within themselves that most likely relate to their own past relationships ..... From those that have issues with dating widow/ers... I personaly would have no problems dating a widower - I would also respect his love for her as it must be very difficult to mask that love - I would not expect him to.I don't see the difference between a widow/er and a divorcee (of an amicable split)...Other than the obvious concern of whether or not the ex will ever turn up on your doorstep...Submissions are due February 15—that’s one week from today!

*** Occasionally I’ll get emails from men who are dating young widows.

Are they afraid of personally being compared to the late spouse?

Or possibly afraid of having the new relationship compared to the previous one?

2) Divorcees have spouses who are regularly involved in their children’s lives.

The spouse helps with decisions about the kids; attends their sporting events, theater performances, and weddings.

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