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Anthony Cosmo Callea (born 13 December 1982) is an Australian singer-songwriter and stage actor of Italian descent (parents Santina and Cosmo) who rose to prominence after being the runner-up in the 2004 season of Australian Idol.Callea's debut single "The Prayer" is the fastest-selling single by an Australian artist, Callea has accumulated a string of awards including an ARIA Music Award, Channel V Artist of the Year, Pop Republic Artist of the Year, MTV Viewers' Choice Award, Variety's Young Entertainer of the Year, MO Award and a Gospel Music Award and is known for his powerful trained voice and his versatility in a range of genres in releases and live performances.

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Mr Hulls said events like the "Midget Cup" gave racing a bad name."The industry ought to rethink these types of events," he revealed the first details of the show's storylines.You can expect the following storylines: Twentica - The Dwarfers find themselves in an alternative version of America where modern technology is prohibited, making Rimmer and Kryten illegal.are not our ancestors but their unusual features and recent survival suggests our human family tree is more complex than once thought.

The human remains date from about 100,000 to 60,000 years old, but archaeological evidence (mostly associated stone tools) suggests Their disappearance coincides with that of other local fauna such as the Stegodon, the giant marabou stork and various vulture species.

It has yet to be announced if any other former cast members including Norman Lovett or Chloe Annett could be making a comeback.

Co-creator Doug Naylor is once again back as its chief writer, and Steve Coogan's company Baby Cow will handle the production this time around.

His albums, DVD and singles have all debuted in the top 20 of the ARIA Charts with the exception of "Oh Oh Oh Oh", an EP titled Last To Go released in February 2012 and his fourth album released in 2013.

In March 2013, it was announced Callea signed a record deal with ABC Music and would release his third studio album on 26 April 2013.

The loss was originally attributed to a volcanic eruption that occurred on Flores approximately 12,000 years ago but the recently published dates nullify this suggestion.