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The unique service that has been often noted by eharmony customers for years is the misuse of the website to incur auto-renewals from members.

Members frequently complain that the website lacks a stable cancellation for membership or the auto-renewal subscription.

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It just looks like they just throw anyone your way and call it a 'match'.I don't like the layout and look of the site, it's cumbersome and outdated.Luckily both and e Harmony are both very trustworthy sites and also have the largest and most active membership numbers that stretch into the millions.I rate both sites very highly indeed, with just pinching it from e Harmony by a whisker. Which dating site is really the best place to find love? There are tens of thousands of paid subscription based online dating websites online, but only a very small percentage are reputable sites where you’ll have an excellent chance of finding a partner.

I’ll attempt to answer all of these questions and more below. I paid for a full year, and am tempted to just change my photo to a middle finger and write nasty things. The matches are far and few and when you finally connect w/ someone, e Harmony deletes or removes them the next day. This site is awful, better off on a cheaper site like "Our Time" and get more communication that's not deleted. I read some of the negative reviews, however I did have a good experience with them over five years ago. It is like bashing my head against a very expensive wall. EHarmony offers very little support, hard to even find a customer service phone; not a harmonious site.I get asked around 20 times per day which dating site I recommend: or e Harmony? If not, then the following big green buttons will take you straight over to where you can start a free trial (no credit card needed).The answer is not so straightforward, but if I had to pick between one of them I’d go for for 3 very good reasons. Just complete the registration form and you’ll be ready to start your online dating adventure!e Harmony, which was launched on August 22, 2000, is based in Los Angeles, California; it has members in more than 150 countries and maintains operations in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. Large investors include Sequoia Capital and Technology Cross Ventures.