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"Lambert may sound as down-home normal as the next girl, but her life is anything but.Arguably the most successful female singer-songwriter in country music these days, with a slew of platinum records, she now balances her hectic schedule as a red-hot solo artist and member of all-girl group the Pistol Annies with her new role as a young bride.Making up some 40 percent of F-Series sales, the Super Duty is no weekend warrior; it’s a bona fide workhorse with an appetite for getting dirty.

F25Lee Casey plays guitar in a noise band called Ottermeat, about to leave NJ, to try and make it in Los Angeles.F250 is a novel equal parts about growing up, and being torn apart."Bud Smith is Nick Hornby if you strapped him to a Tesla coil and launched him into a Sun made of Poetry." --Ben Loory, author of Stories for Nighttime and some for the Day Read 9/4/15 - 9/9/154 Stars - Strongly Recommended to fans of twenty-something fuck-ups who live to the beat of their own drum, like, literally.For now, he’s squatting in a collapsing house, working as a stone mason, driving a jacked up pickup truck that he crashes into everything.As a close friend Ods in his sleep, Lee falls into a three-way relationship with two college girls, June Doom and K Neon.Or if you’re doing well, to the customers of the business you own yourself.

What message do you want to convey to these people? The problem arises when you don’t understand the Two Commandments of Truck Ownership, and buy yourself something that doesn’t really meet those goals.On May 14, 2011, Lambert tied the knot with Blake Shelton, the good-looking, equally crazy-busy crooner who's become a household name as a coach on NBC's hit singing competition .Following their countrified wedding (they exchanged vows under an arch of antlers), they spent three days back on their ranches in Oklahoma.After crisscrossing hundreds of miles of Texas terrain, we can report that Ford’s hard work has paid off handsomely.Whether it’s the quiet cabin, the taut steering, powerful brakes or the overall subdued ride motion, the Ford Super Duty is one of the most comfortable and capable heavy-duty pickups available.But with the recent oil boom and bust, and the even bigger housing boom we are just starting to roll with here in the ‘States, there’s a big chunk of your money at stake, and I’d rather see you hold onto it instead of seeing it go up in smoke.