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Genevieve Cortese: It was kind of Did you bother to take any cues from the previous Ruby, Katie Cassidy?

Or did you figure the character would simply be who you make her to be?

He had a relationship with Sandra Mc Coy whom he met when they both had roles in Cry_Wolf in 2004. However at the Salute to Supernatural Dallas 2008 convention in June 2008, Jared announced that he and Sandy were no longer together.

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Cortese: It's funny, because when I auditioned for it was for "a love interest." I didn't know I was going to be playing Ruby until I got the job.I was handed DVDs of what Katie did, and at first it was a little funky trying to step into what she did.For real ;) My amazingly strong wife home-birthed a happy and healthy baby boy last night :).Please send love :))"No other details have been released.Jared was a candidate for the 2000 Presidential Scholars Program.

After he graduated from James Madison High School he started to pursue his acting career. in March 2008, Jared announced that on January 28th, 2008 they got engaged on their fourth anniversary, in Paris.On February 27th, 2010, Jared and Genevieve wed in Sun Valley, Idaho.Clif Kosterman tweeted after the weekend "It was a beautiful ceremony in a beautiful setting." On October 11, 2011 Jared announced via Twitter than he and Genevieve were expecting their first child.[1] Jared tweeted on Monday 19th March, that Gen had given birth to their son, in Seattle.Jared's best man was his real life brother Jeffrey, but on screen brother Jensen Ackles was second in line as a groomsmen. Jared and Genevieve met in 2008 during Season 4 of Supernatural as Sam Winchester and a demon named Ruby.Ruby, who was previously portrayed by Katie Cassidy, "possessed the body of a comatose woman whose soul has already fled." Enters actress Cortese on scene and an onscreen romance between Sam and Ruby begins.Thomas Colton Padalecki was 8lb 6oz.[2] In fandom tradition, Gen, #Welcome Padababy, #Papa Padalecki, #Uncle Jensen and #Thomas Colton Padalecki all trended on Twitter. Jared tweeted on Monday 24th Dec 2013, that Gen had given birth to their second son. In 2014, Jared injured his shoulder while wrestling with Osric Chau at [[ .