Power off while updating pc

“While Windows 10 is upgrading in the background, depending on net speed and how long it takes, when I finish with my work on the computer can I switch it off? The next time I switch it on, will it resume from the point it stopped downloading?

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Don’t start your upgrade unless you have time to let it finish and don’t need your computer right then.

I’d block out at least an hour and a half to be safe.

When it was ready for you to shut down, you’d see the message “It’s now safe to turn off your computer” on your screen and you’d press the power button to shut it off. When you pressed it, it immediately cut power to the computer’s hardware.

Just as you wouldn’t yank a desktop computer’s power cord out of the outlet while it was running today, you wouldn’t press the power button to shut off then.

If you ever used Windows 95 on an old computer, you’ll probably remember how you had to turn off the PC.

You opened the Start menu, clicked Shut Down, and waited patiently for the computer to finish up whatever it was doing.

A sudden power cut means the computer won’t be able to shut down cleanly.

You may lose work and the file system might be corrupted.

Many computer users were trained never to turn their PCs off by pressing the power button on their desktop PC’s case.

This used to cause problems in the previous millennium, but it’s now perfectly safe to shut down with the power button.

While upgrading to Windows 10 is not a complicated process, it will take some time and requires your PC’s full attention.