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"And when I watch the story between Kelcy and Amanda I really felt like there it is.Those three girls represent Carrie and her whole gang of girls, and I even felt like the Dave character (played by the always-hot Taylor Kinney) reminded me of Big," she said.

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But the thing is, sticking to the same old, same old could leave you missing out on some great new erotic and bonding experiences.

Which is why Redbook decided to take a look at how couples today are revising the old rules and forging a more flexible approach to pleasure.

Looming large in my mind to this day is the episode where Carrie starts dating Aidan.

When it comes to sex, you've probably already figured out that what works for one couple doesn't always work for another.

Charlotte Goldenblatt (née York; previously Mac Dougal), is a fictional character on the HBO-produced television series Sex and the City. about relationships, usually based upon "The Rules" of love and dating, she often scoffs at the lewder ...

The first time with your partner is never the best time. If you don't ask for what you want, you may not get it. If he ever (I mean, EVER) even begins to make a disparaging comment about your body, he's garbage. Try leading by example with more age-appropriate dirty talk and see if he catches on.5. Weird noises, hilarious faces, and compromising positions are a-plenty. It's more fun to slow things down and get into it before really 3. Why would a grown man talk to you (a grown woman) like you're a baby?But let's get real -- for most of us, that moment comes around maybe a few times a year.No matter how much you'd love to make time for marathon sex, life dictates otherwise.That's why for busy couples today, the smart move is to bust out of the two-hours-on-Saturday-night mind-set and grab opportunities for great sex whenever you can find them. "Maybe we have 10 minutes before the kids come home, or five minutes in the kitchen before guests arrive -- suddenly we're discovering how to have sex on the big chopping-block island, and it's very exciting." Of course, making quickies satisfying can be a challenge -- but it's not impossible.