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Franca Cortoni, professor of criminology at the University of Montreal, has written extensively on female sex offenders and tells me that though there is an overlap in the way male and female child abusers think, there can be specific motivations for women to offend.

Those who had sex three or more times a week lowered their risk fourfold.

As women get older their oestrogen levels drop, says Dr Peter Bowen-Simpkins, consultant gynaecologist at the London Women's Clinic and spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Making love could be one of the few pleasures in life that is genuinely good for you, say researchers.

Not only does a healthy sex life boost mood, but there is growing evidence to show it boosts your physical well-being, too - from increasing longevity to reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction and even heart attack.

Feel-good hormones help explain some of the benefits, such as mood-boosting, but the explanation is not always obvious.

But one thing clear, and this applies to both men and women: you need to be having sex regularly if you don't want to lose the ability.Professor Slegers received a Ph D in Philosophy from Fordham University (2007), an MA in Philosophy (2002) and an MA in Literary Theory (2003) from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), and an MBA from Babson College (2013).She worked for two years as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Centre College, KY, before coming to Babson in 2009.She also designs and teaches ethics sessions exploring issues in management, accounting, economics and marketing in Babson’s integrated Two Year, One Year, Fast Track, and Evening MBA programs.Her book Courageous Vulnerability (Brill, 2011) draws on the philosophies of William James, Henri Bergson, and Gabriel Marcel to frame a cluster of moral and aesthetic attitudes in Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time.I suspect it’s much more underreported.” She suggests that society has not been willing to learn more about female paedophilia (where adults are sexually attracted to children) and female child sex abuse (where they either act on those impulses and sexually abuse children, or do it for different reasons).