Ssis package not updating database

I am going to assume you know the basics of SSIS and so will start from the perpective of a new project in BIDS. Now that is in place, both streams of data need to be sorted by the ID columns (note, make sure you pass through the columns you have just converted and don’t pass through the Excel columns. We will perform the left outer join and the conditional to determine if each row is either a new row or existing row. Double click on the Merge Join, select the UID column from the database, and the UID, First Name, Surname, and Age columns from the Excel Source. Remeber to change the join type to Left outer Join Now we can perform the conditional split: 1.

By default, the file is located in C: Program Files Microsoft SQL Server90DTSBinn. › ‹Dts Service Configuration xmlns:xsd=" Âxmlns:xsi=" ‹Stop Executing Packages On Shutdown›true‹/ ÂStop Executing Packages On Shutdown› ‹Top Level Folders› ‹Folder xsi:type="Sql Server Folder"› ‹Name›MSDB‹/Name› ‹Server Name›Server Name‹/Server Name› ‹/Folder› ‹Folder xsi:type="File System Folder"› ‹Name›File System‹/Name› ‹Store Path›..The following XML code is the content of the default configuration file. Packages‹/Store Path› ‹/Folder› ‹/Top Level Folders› ‹/Dts Service Configuration› Open the file in any text editor, change the ‹ Server Name›element from‹Server Name›Server Name‹/Server Name› to‹Server Name›Server Name Instance Name‹/Server Name›, and save the file.While not a requirement to store the SQL Server package configuration in its own database, it is usually a good idea to do so.Second, you should setup an environment variable that holds the database connection string to the package configuration database on the machine(s) where your SSIS package will run.To configure the OLD DB Command, Double click on the item: a.

Select the relevant connection manager (it is the DB one you created earlier) b.

Drag the line from the DB Sort to the Merge Join 5.

Drag the line from the Excel Sort to the Merge Join, this will be your Merge Left Input 4.

This is just a quick tip re: updating metadata in SSIS.

A few days ago I was speaking with an SSIS developer who wasn't aware of this change so I thought I'd share it.

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